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Strategy School

Welcome to the Strategy School video course - your path to becoming a strategic powerhouse! This comprehensive course is designed to help individuals gain insights into strategic thinking, planning, and effective communication.


  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: The course equips you with the skills to identify opportunities, prepare for challenges, devise strategic growth plans, and cultivate a competitive advantage. Understand how to focus your efforts effectively and use the learnings to formulate your next best move.

  • Critical Thinking: Learn how to overcome cognitive biases, check emotional influences, challenge assumptions, and foster a questioning mindset. This module helps you think critically, improving your decision-making skills and enabling you to make informed, strategic choices.

  • Scenario Planning: With the LAP (Likely, Alternative, Possible) system, you'll learn to anticipate various scenarios, prepare for them, and handle them effectively. This proactive approach helps you mitigate risks and be prepared for any situation.

  • Strategic Communication: Learn to communicate strategically - understand your audience, deliver the right message, and influence effectively. This module ensures you express your ideas convincingly, boosting your personal and professional relationships.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Regardless of your career or aspirations, strategic thinking is a universal skill set. It empowers you to make better decisions, solve problems effectively, and lead with confidence.

The Strategy School video course is a compilation of modules that not only impart knowledge but also encourage you to apply that knowledge. It's not just about learning; it's about evolving and being proactive, analytical, and creative. Join us to embark on a journey that will transform you into a strategic thinker and planner, setting you on the path to success. So, take the first step towards personal and professional growth. Welcome to Strategy School!