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Habits School

Step into the world of transformation with Habits School, a uniquely designed video course that empowers you to understand, design, and adopt life-changing habits. This immersive experience brings you an insightful journey that covers seven key modules.

  • Why and How Habits Work: Dive deep into the science and mechanics of habit formation. Grasp a clear understanding of why habits work and how you can make them work for you.
  • Design the Change: Set actionable goals, build effective systems, and learn to overcome challenges with tailored plans, while understanding the four essential aspects of any habit.
  • Building a Change Mindset: Identify and discard limiting beliefs. Learn the power of visualization and align your expectations with your readiness for change.
  • Identify What Stops You: Learn to handle temptation and excuses, identify enablers, and understand the stumbling blocks that might hinder your progress.
  • Setting the Change Up: Break down your goals, establish milestones, and design a system of rewards. Learn the importance of commitment, taking the first step, and building a support network.
  • Building a Change Mindset (Part 2): Explore methods to adjust your environment, identify and change triggers, and create new rewards. Understand the value of noticing progress and adjusting your desires.
  • Making it Stick: Understand the power of routines and repetition, implementation of intention, and the effect of behavior linkage. Learn to make key decisions and move forward confidently.

Habits School takes you beyond traditional learning, transforming knowledge into actionable skills that you can apply in your everyday life. It provides you with the tools and guidance to design your path towards your goals. It's not just a course - it's your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Take the first step today with Habits School.